About us

About us

Founded in 2010, Sheedsun Rad is one of the pioneering companies in the field of renewable energies specializing in solar power in Iran. The main activities of the company consist of design and implementation of solar energy systems for generating electricity and heat. Sheedsun’s team of experts and specially trained employees also provide consultancy in promoting energy efficiency, keeping in line with the world’s latest standards and technological advancements. SheedSun has been a leader in solar system designs in the country; in 2014 the company successfully constructed the first “zero energy” building in Iran.

SheedSun’s main services include: consultation, design, equipment procurement, implementation and maintenance of solar systems in various scales.

Our commitment: With an experienced team of experts and direct links with prominent global brands in the field of solar energy, Sheedsun is committed to gain the trust and ensure full satisfaction of our clients who are the investors in solar energy and the proponents of the environment. Sheedsun commits to providing the best services in designing and implementing solar energy systems and to put our clients’ mind at ease by remaining alongside with them in maintaining their solar systems and offering assistance at all times.

Mission & VIssion

Our Vision: SheedSun Rad aims to be the leading brand in supplying renewable energy solutions in South-West Asia.

Our Mission: SheedSun’s mission is to provide the best, most professional and the most reliable services in the field of solar energy and energy efficiency in the region. This includes supplying suitable equipment, providing state of the art design, implementation and maintenance of solar energy systems of various scales, and also providing professional consultancy. Through its mission, SheedSun strives to promote environmental sustainability and reduce the use of fossil fuels in the region.

Team Work

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