Sheedsun Enters Consortium with a Group of Accomplished Organizations to Help Governmental Buildings and Public Areas Supply 20% of their Energy Through Renewable Energy Sources

7 August 2017

following the decree of the cabinet of ministries dated 18/11/2016 based on section 138 of the I.R. Iran constitution, it was decided that all the buildings of ministers, municipalities, governmental organizations and companies, and certain public areas are obliged to supply at least 20% of their energy via renewable energy sources within the next 2 years.

Therefore, Sheedsun Rad has proudly entered into a consortium with “Iranian Society of Green Management”, “Energy Globe”, “Allplan Co.” and “Ehsaa Co.” in order to provide the best and most comprehensive solutions and services to the above-mentioned entities in order to achieve their target of clean energy supply.

Please find the details of consortium and its services below: