Sheedsun’s Project is Awarded Tehran’s First Gold Certificate for Environmentally Friendly Buildings

19 September 2016

Tehran’s Environment and Sustainable Development Organization has awarder its gold certificate, which is the highest certificate given by this organization, to two villas belonging to the Akhavan family located in Dochenaran Farm in the 5th district of Tehran. Sheedsun has designed and installed all of the energy producing systems of these two villas and was also in charge of optimizing the energy efficiency of the buildings. The project became Iran’s first zero energy building, meaning that the buildings are completely independent from the national grid and all the energy that is required by the two villas are supplied by the renewable energy systems that are installed at the site. The project has been a tremendous success and has been operating continuously and flawlessly for over two years.

After several site visits and rigorous testing of the villas, Tehran’s Organization of Environment and Sustainable Development awarded the above-mentioned prestigious certificate to the owners of the buildings. This marks the first time that a gold certificate (highest degree) has been awarded to a project. Sheedsun is honored for this award and would like to thank Tehran’s Environment and Sustainable Development Organization and also to thank and congratulate the esteemed Akhavan Family for their efforts in conserving the environment